A Comprehensive Bibliography on Knowledge Spaces

Cord Hockemeyer

This bibliography is based on a list of KST literature provided by Jean-Paul Doignon around 1994 and has been amended ever so often since then.

In general, I use first_author:year as citation labels for articles, first_author:first_editor for incollections, first_author:conference for conference papers and author:thesistype for all kinds of theses. If necessary, a letter (in alphabetical order) is added for uniqueness of articles. Books and techreports are marked with a `b' or a `tr', respectively, between colon and year.

If you find that some references are missing, please drop me an email at "cord.hockemeyer<at>uni-graz.at".

Technical Reports and Software Documentations

This server also hosts some technical reports and software manuals, mostly from the Cognitive Science Section at University of Graz:
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